2016 Trade Salaries Revealed

In this thriving industry, trade businesses and trades people are reaping the rewards.

With a 0.3% increase from last year, a tradesman earns on average $60.88 per hour.

New reports reveal the wealthiest tradesmen for 2016 are builders in New South Wales, earning $77.85 an hour, a rise of 27.7% from the previous year. Following close behind is Queensland landscape gardeners at $70.57.

Trade’s Rich List 2016 – average hourly rate:

WA Plumbers $87.67
WA Electricians $87.33
NSW Builders $77.85
NSW Plumbers $77.42
VIC Plumbers $77.03
QLD Electricians $75.23
WA Builders $71.52
QLD Landscapers $70.57
VIC Electricians $68.68
QLD Plumbers $68.58

Industry Insights

ServiceSeeking CEO Jeremy Levitt reveals, “When it comes to running a successful business and increasing hourly rates, it’s essential to deliver exceptional quality of service that stands out from the competition. There are also many other steps trades businesses can take to help improve revenue,” says Levitt.

“It’s also important to continually upskill yourself and your employees. Don’t forget to be active in the community, online and offline, to help improve your branding. And hire more staff when you need to, to help maintain a high quality of work,” he adds.

Trades businesses that do this will give themselves a competitive advantage in a market filled with enterprises with varying levels of service.

Supporting these findings is licensed electrician and director of ElectricSun, Eric Lynch.

“I’m able to earn between $65 and $75 an hour, with commercial work charged at the higher rate and residential work at the lower rate,” Lynch says.

Lynch continues, “The way to get the best rate is to always produce high-quality work, leading to client referrals. I have increased my hourly rate over time as the cost of inputs has risen.”

He reports that the demand for his services is only increasing. For further information, click here.

Construction Training Institute

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