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Skills Assessments Funded by Smart & Skilled

Do you currently have the skills and experience in a trade but require an official qualification? Construction Training Institute have partnered with Smart & Skilled NSW to provide funding for participants in our Skills Assessment and prior learning programs.

What is Skills Assessment?

Construction Training Institute can evaluate your previous industry experience and obtained knowledge/skills, and award you with a Nationally Recognised Qualification. With our Skills Assessment program, you may be eligible to fast-track your study and receive all, or part, of an industry qualification. You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and experience in a particular trade, which will be assessed by one of our training evaluators.

Construction Training Institute is pleased to offer 6 different trades through Skills Assessments. We are committed to delivering all, or part, of our advanced industry training for Bricklaying, Carpentry, Concreting, Plastering, Tiling, and Waterproofing. For more information on a particular trade Skills Assessment program, select below:

Skills Assessment Fees

The final amount of student fees you are required to pay is determined by Smart & Skilled and can vary based on a number of factors. To keep it simple and affordable for everyone, we offer payment plans of $39/fortnight. You can continue to pay this after you have already received your qualification.

For more information on funding and eligibility.

Student Fees Examples

Here are some examples of what other students have paid:
1. Jim has done an assessment in Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying CPC30111.

He has 12 years’ experience in bricklaying so his trainer found that he already had all the skills required to meet industry standards. The total cost of his student fees come to $1,420, which works out at 36 payments of $39 and a final payment of $16. Jim needed a week to complete self-assessment and gather photos of work he has done. A trainer was in his area the following week and completed his assessment as his workplace. Jim had his certificate posted to him within 3 weeks of enrolling, and will continue to pay off the course over the next year.

2. Doug did an assessment in Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling CPC31311.

He had only been in the industry for 3 years so still had a bit to learn. His trainer found after the assessment that there was 4 units where Doug needed a bit more theory training and practical experience. His trainer worked with him bringing his skills and knowledge up to an industry standard, and after 3 months, Doug received his qualification. Doug has a disability so he is exempt from any student fees.

3. Lachlan & his brother Adam both did an assessment in Certificate III in Concreting CPC30313.

They both needed additional training in 3 units and are both welfare recipients. Lachlan is 31 years old, so his fee was $240. Adam is 29 years old, so he is eligible for a Fee-Free Scholarship and won’t have to pay anything.

4. Mitchell did an assessment in Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing CPC31411.

He had already done a Certificate III in Carpentry, so his fee will be at a higher rate than if it was his first qualification. However, some of the units are the same in Carpentry and Waterproofing so he was about to receive Credit Transfers for 9 units. He required additional training in 2 units. His fee was $1,440.


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