NSW Construction Climate

How Construction Training Institute is contributing to the current construction boom in NSW.

Construction Training Institute (CTI) is an Australian registered training organisation that provides innovative educational pathways to develop the skills and qualifications of trainers and industry leaders. CTI has a flexible, tailored approach to help fast-track the learning and qualification process, helping each student reach their career goals sooner.

Construction Training Institute aims to create an enjoyable, supportive learning experience for its clients, by offering the most up-to-date training technologies and qualification pathways, coupled with exceptional and personalised customer service.

Construction Boom in New South Wales

New South Wales is currently experiencing a boom in the construction industry. The latest data from the Australian Construction Industry Forum suggest the dollar value of building and engineering construction work in New South Wales will rise another 3.2% from an already better-than-expected level of $48.732 billion in the 2016/17 financial year, peaking at $50.324 billion. Residential construction will benefit from this boom, with the dollar value of construction on new houses and apartments, as well as renovations of existing houses rising by around 6.3% – up 44% on the lows experienced in the 2011/12 financial year.

This boom will provide a significant boost to the construction industry’s labour force – which has grown by 24,300 in the past three years. Recruitment company Hays have reported a huge shortage of workers in its latest quarterly report. There is currently a driving need for skilled workers to fill the gaps created by the sudden boom in the industry.

CTI: Training tomorrow’s industry leaders.

Construction Training Institute is stepping up to fulfil the demand for skilled workers by providing quality educational pathways to fast-track the learning and qualification process for individuals wanting a career in the construction industry, business management and information technology. CTI offers employers the benefits of quality, cost-effective, cutting-edge onsite training for their workers, provided by skilled trainers and applied in a real-world setting. Our instructors provide personalised attention, meaning students can accelerate through areas where they have existing skills and knowledge, and receive more assistance with less-familiar topics. The results are greater skilled, educated, and qualified workers in a shorter amount of time.

Be a part of a thriving and rewarding industry.

The construction industry is going from strength to strength – there’s no better time to become involved in a thriving, challenging, and rewarding industry. CTI provides the skills and knowledge to be an industry leader; there are many benefits in using CTI for training and qualification, including:

  • Quality education provided by highly skilled instructors
  • Onsite learning can prove beneficial to those students who struggle within a classroom environment and prefer hands-on learning
  • Real skills learned and applied in a real world setting
  • Fast-track the learning and qualification process – more skilled workers in a shorter amount of time
  • Employers – upskilling your current workforce means less money spent hiring outside contractors

If you’re interested in the construction industry, Construction Training Institute offers courses to kick off your career. Get in touch with us today!