About CTI

Our History

CTI was founded and pioneered by veteran trainer Graeme Lynch. It is a story of innovation and a unique vision for a better way of learning.

In 1999, Graeme realized that the traditional classroom learning environment could be superseded by a more user-friendly workplace training system.

A former senior TAFE teacher, he set out to offer employers the benefits of cost-effective and up-to-the-minute onsite training for their workers, conducted by skilled trainers and applied in a real-world setting.

It was a hit with both employers and students alike! This approach particularly benefitted students who had previously experienced difficulties in the classroom or had a preference for hands-on learning.

Flexible and personalised, students were able to accelerate over areas where they had existing skills and knowledge reducing the study time required to complete their qualification. Students received assistance from instructors in the topics that were less familiar to them, resulting in higher student completion rates and greater levels of customer satisfaction.

The legacy of tailored and flexible training is the hallmark of the “CTI experience” today.

While Graeme’s initial focus was on providing quality training solutions for the construction industry, CTI now caters for a wider market segment including the vocational education and training industry, mining sector and information technology arena.

Our Present

Present day at CTI is hugely exciting. Innovation in training and practical technologies continues to drive progress as the construction industry requirements continues to change.

CTI currently conducts workshops in four permanent facilities located in West Sydney, Hunter Valley region, Port Macquarie, and Gold Coast.

Each facility is equipped with tools and supplies/materials to deliver the full scope of practical components required for a complete qualification.

During workshops, students receive training in a hands-on environment that encourages participation.

A low trainer-to-student ratio allows the trainer more dedicated time to assist each student with their individual learning needs.

Our Skilled Team of Staff

A significant part of the success of the business can be attributed to the quality of the people who stand behind the brand.

Construction Training Institute boasts a skilled team of dedicated trainers and staff who are committed to going the extra distance for each learner to ensure that they receive prompt and courteous assistance and that their time with Construction Training Institute is a fun, friendly and enjoyable experience.

With this can-do spirit infusing the company, Construction Training Institute is continually forging new technologies that will support streamlined, efficient training, and realise the overarching vision of becoming the international ‘gold standard’ for learning and education.

Please contact our dedicated team should you require more information on how our business model benefits employers and apprentices.

Compassion Outlook

As part of our community focused outlook, CTI sponsor a child through Compassion Australia. Her name is Vitenthia and she lives in Haiti. Through our monthly support, we are helping to release Vitenthia from poverty and get educated. Compassion children are more likely to grow up to be employed and become leaders in their communities.