Skills Assessment

Already have relevant skills and industry experience?

  • Recognition of prior skills and experience to fast track your qualification
  • Stay onsite and gain a nationally recognised certification

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You already have experience in the construction industry, so why start learning a trade from scratch?

At Construction Training Institute, we understand that taking someone offsite and sitting them in a classroom is both annoying and pointless. We offer fast and simple trade skill assessments that recognise the things you already know while helping you master the things you need.

Skills Assessment, RPL, QLD. NSW, Australia

Already have experience working in the construction industry? Maybe you obtained a qualification overseas? At Construction Training Institute, we want to make obtaining your qualification as hassle free as possible. Our courses and assessments recognise previous experience. This way, you can stay on site and have your previous experience counted towards a nationally recognised qualification.

We offer assessments for those who have gained skills and knowledge through their workplace experience.

We take the hassle out of getting your qualification by making the process as simple and stress free as possible. Our trainer will come to your jobsite or a place that is convenient for you and assess your skills and knowledge in your chosen trade. For any areas you may not be competent in, we provide nationally recognised training to get you fully qualified.

Step 1: Enrol

The first step in the process is to apply enrol. Enrolment is simple and can either be done online, by emailing us at or by calling us on 1300 850 091. To apply to enrol online, simply click the APPLY NOW button this page.

Step 2: Self Assessment

The Self Assessment can be done through our online Self Assessment System for those who are familiar with computers and have access to the internet, or can also be done with our paper-based version. Once you are enrolled, we will provide your online access or send you your self-assessment booklet in the post or  within 1 business day. This Self Assessment is a step by step process to gather all the information about your current skills. It will give you opportunities provide references with people you have worked with, and gather photos of work that you have done. This will help your trainer in identifying all of your current skills.

Step 3: Discuss with trainer

When you have finished working through the self-assessment online or booklet, your trainer will arrange a time to discuss all the evidence you have provided. He will determine what skills you have and if you will need any further training to get your qualification.

Step 4: Gap Training

If your trainer identified any gaps in your skills, he will provide you with the practical training to bring your skills up to date. If you need any further theory training to gain your qualification, this can be done through our online learning system for those who would like to do it online, or through our self paced workbooks for those who prefer paperbased.

Step 5: Get qualified!

When your trainer is satisfied that you have all the skills and knowledge required, we will post you your certificate in the mail by express post. And THAT’S IT! To get started, select the appropriate Enrol Now button below, or contact us on 1300 859 091.