Before you can start your apprenticeship, you need to find a job. You can do this either by being directly employed by a business, or by a group training organisation.

Finding an employer

There are many ways to search for an employer to start you on an apprenticeship. Here are some to help get you started:

Websites such as:

Use your personal networks. Talk to friends and family who may be in business, or know someone in business, and are able to tell you of vacancies available where they work or elsewhere.

Phone the Australian Apprenticeships Centres infoline 13 38 73. They have contact with employers and may also know of apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities available.

If you are still in school, speak to your school-based coordinator. They are often aware of school-based apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities available in your community.

The Australian Government’s Australian Apprenticeship Access Program supports vulnerable job seekers who face barriers to skilled employment.

Finding a Group Training Organisation

To find a group training organisation in your area, call 1800 819 747 or visit the Group Training Association website.